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Not allowed to show the Nazi’s off to WAR.

I could never like them while I was raised by them at home. Everyone could accept their reasoning! Since humanity has always hated other peoples moving into their communities and taking over Business, and everything, eventually, if not overthrown and destroyed and or run out of the countries.

A superior race, has a communication station on the back side of the Moon from a planet that rises in 2020 is what I meant by ”asuperiorrace.com”, here. With it’s blue planet, always facing the star Sirius A. Magnetic core, of the Sun’s Twin, “Planet X“ the Sun shot out to where it popped up in universe with every round moon hollow. So superior race why not make them safe places to live in a hostile vaccum Edenite race from Earth. Now returned from Sirius B, blue planet, that left Earth to live on, Sirius A knocked from the sun to Sirius B. Destroyed a planet at Mars & life on Mars.

Their UFO city beside Mercury waits. For life on Earth to be wiped out. When sunlight gets knocked-out by a red dwarf star out of the south hits the sun is why astronauts will not go back to the Moon. Which do not want us there. Told me while I was thinking about the transporter window on back of Moon, I heard tell me, “we are not your friends”, out of a group of people, in the background. Earth defend yourself!

Close the deal, that is a Military choice.

I don’t like the Nazi march so much. U.S. Military has a good enough march for me. While Spain’s Franco Italy’s Mussolini and Nazi Germany. Except for Nazi music. Were a great trio, for social change/if kept in their own countries-unless it was made inviting to other people’s to elect, if not Military Coup!

Here in the future the world has a problem more than their differences, to invade and deporting or killing their enemies racists rage the wars of history for millions of years, to now. While a structure big as a planet at Mercury hides, behind a force field until a solar flare got ions soaked it exposed both has a transporting station, a back side of the Moon window. Just because every moon in the world is hollow, lights in a v the moon of Mars the same way are likely the same people, living in the Moon and at Mercury nevertheless rise up with dwarf star Sirius, with a white dwarf star bright blue planet, the world is in for trouble/with no leadership for the people in military power than me, if they want to live through it all I make my own escape, maybe have to settle for immortality.

While two dwarf stars have crossed paths over Australia, Planet X returning to northern hemisphthe, the rich plot their escape to Mars, distracting the people with media entertainment and amazing products profit, or my rule.

About Us

Only by U.S. Military in my Martial Law, it would take, ever works to fight leftists: Military Coup a revolution!

While working for a better tomorrow I have mrinbetween.com, documented a New government for White America to run themselves I scrap the present political system with deleting those in charge in tribunals, our choices of the Right in my Third Government in pure democracy. That only U.S. Military can make possible if they survive Planet X.

Where to let into America any alien to American ciivilization/such as Asian or from India, Islamic or foreign to White America/are a threat to the security of White America, and our way of life. As immigrants to purge out, of America‘s schools and jobs and community. The resentful enemies of our U.S. citizens.

In this world, where all of the people‘s hate each other, I am all for Genocide. World overpopulated1950-billion to 8!

Community Guidance

Every patriot in my Government will inherit every educational housing & healthcare wealth of the authorities over dead bodies confiscating, start over a all white America population, school in religious morals civic duty, with all of the citizens enemies keep destroyed canned and/or deported. 

The only reason why Germany, and Japan consider Nazi death march as WWII sensitive, material? They lost it because the USA won on both fronts

with their guts, that cooked Japan. In fire. Where I don’t know if God is just another fucker, making the Universe, over and over again. Where I might as well be a dictator, and rule the world, by some poll of the people’s deal with the people, watching us all, from back side of the Moon, with probes. Or just get my ass off of this planet/if a whole lot could do it. But since, walls are too high everyone else has to goes to Hell dream forever happy hunting ground!


In a Military Coup, soldiers Reservists and discharged soldiers, round up all able bodied White Americans, militia. With State militias under U.S. Military orders, derived from my leadership a Revolution, meanwhile wives care for the children. Military runs the media.

Russia has no ideology but power and greed like all the other capitalistic rest of the world, since dropping Marxism. So how about world Nazi’ism, at fixing the Earth’s socio-economic, planetary ills, and racial problems. First after getting rid of the enemies of Americans in the USA.

But some liberal mother fuckers built Germany and Japan back up, again as enemies and competition/what would Genghis Kahn have to say about that? The American people should kill their do good politicians and liberals with a Third U.S. Government in Martial Law, where if you have the might it is right.

Right purge Left infiltrators in their Default, Martial Law.

Without CEO’s and Business running the politicians it would be easier to send in the Hells Angels or Militia, to get things back to White for American people, to control all of the Market at home. Shoot the boss, chain of command, in bloody Revolution.

Military helicopters and Police copters watch over my camp.

Even a small group of Americans like KKK can whield technology to align the Right in a Military Coup

The police help some in the world a lesser and lesser a safe place to live in or afford to live in, the older you get, retired. I don’t need a time machine to vanish with my bag in a charge.

The future, escape from the expanding is already built in nature. I will just have to take a cab for a morning hike, vanish before its a 100 degrees, my revolutionary plans waisted if not going to do White America any good in 21st century/this a racial solution and leerharrison.com/fight Debt DefaultBusiness!

The Third Party, Power By Default or Military Coup

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