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Welcome to Power by Default, Military takeover: hang congress leadership


I am not available by phone, but I can call out!

    Peter Gabriel, the logical solution, I MIGHT SAY

    The candidates, that since a loaf of bread out of the oven cost a Half Cent to the monster business is now. Their friends buy votes for them by any means what business wants to run in organized crime for donations for their candidates. Let me TAKE THAT OUT vengeance using old FBI and CIA and old policemen thinking force! Take out frustrations on the bad, shoot up with bullets in shoot outs public enemies and the at large crime running everything with the other gangland immigrants. PURGE America!

    I keep winning Power by Default, Military Rule!

    Only U.S. Military in Martial Law can take out leftists in Military drafting the Right, the White. Destroy the Left with racism in my power by default White rule, racist popular choices, with a world trade agreement, for surviving countries.


    This life where all of the peoples hate each other, I am all for "Genocide". The world over populated with religion's children poisoning the world from 1950: 1 billion to 8 billion people, mostly enemies with any kind of weapons. Get them all out of U.S. schools and this country, shooting bombing or anything goes in power by default White America arm, defend our way of life way it use to be in America, purging out alien peoples out of American schools and U.S. armed forces jobs and community, eliminate all aliens, Search and Destroy capture or deport in a depopulation of resentful subversive other peoples, defend White America. Could pack in cans, or in chains delivered out of concentration camps elsewhere, all of the enemies of American people lawyers forced into America by calling aliens equals, into White America. So bombs away Latin Asian colored or Indian or India and Arab Islam terrorists the enemy all of them threats to the security of White America U.S. Military. White America arm defend our way of life, in a anarchy and chaos with militia purging out of American schools and the U.S. armed forces jobs and community, in a search and destroy or deport aliens, world mass depopulation of the environment. enemies of White America to otherwise can for our pets, criminal threats in chains out of concentration camps eliminated! This is the last web page template for me, that sometimes devices try to stamp out what racist default vote is saying programmed by Business which stocks can crash the new world order in a military takeover, dictator.

    Where I would not put down the American Nazi Party for making me their Leader or KKK making me their Grand Wizard, for making allegiances in a racist program to save the planet from a human population explosion, since 1950 census 1 billion to 8, I would have to call it The Alarm Clock Effect before mass extinction at Sirius end of Age next Spring.

    Community Guidance


    A superior race defeats all its enemies wins all is why Germany with a woman in charge and Japan ban you considering showing Nazi Death March a Sensitive Banned Subject: WWII material, is because they lost it to United States winning on every military front with their guts defeated Japan. By the design of good and evil in the world God Negative gravity charge design rain of currents to Positive charge, only just another fucker making Universe over and over again. By using its laws in power by default leadership I establish from the U.S. vote default my Military rule, the west in polls of all the separate nations world democracy for each country to deal with in their own private countries all preparing for polar shift. Though the people watching us all from the back side of moon and from their UFO probes plan invasion. I search secrets to get our ass off of this planet, if whole in the World expanding, not leaving everyone else have to go to Hell to dream forever in their soul a sack black drained of all their Positive gravity charge. There in a heaven or a hell with a smart phone, or it is happy hunting ground for the rest of time. By industry I make sure every American is safe, gets best out of life means and services in nuclear war. Needs reflex leadership verses politicians working out a bill.

    If in fact White America has no support, for the racist majority of Americans, in allegiance from their U.S. Armed Forces command in my simple straight forward ruler-ship against illegal aliens blacks Islam and all of the other subversive anti-American communities, in my dictatorship for White America. White hate groups like KKK and American Nazi Party seems to presently have no choice considering the grim global warming future in desperate times could divide themselves-up into units of mass murder missions against lawyers politicians illegals colored alien, killing liberal media establishment paid for by Busines corrupted U.S. government. That can't keep up with efficient advanced centralized Russia and China in dictatorships, working together in a arms race to the death of America only interesfted in a money grabbing profit's equality conspiracy, under the direction of lawyer's and Business interests under corporate rule.



    I have a defense system secret for Nazi ingenuity using 21st century innovation to win world war! President Trump does not know why the planet is getting hotter, with a scientific community he is not fit to be the leader, so his scientific community is not fit to trust with what they find on Mars or anywhere else. Off with their heads, if citizens believe me.

    But far as the President goes I will enlist him since I need him or I kill him getting the weapons I want for U.S. Military. With White American choice like started out. But the people only got politics with lawyers. Somehow only Russia Ukraine and Bulgaria agree with my global warming object, map: Сунчева активност и шумски пожари . While reading all about me fix America. With bloody Revolution I delete a racial cesspool of integration Asia and Russia don't want in their countries, all getting ready for war, until I have a deterrent to accomplish my ethnic cleansing of America a Third U.S. government, representing White America, the racist Right to make everything for our own prosperity, on a grand scale with Democracy.

    However Military does what politicians legislate, getting favors from special interest groups for donations, political and business interests defending profits. In a bloody cleansing of Russia Joseph Stalin said Religion is the opiate of the people, to do without it, while securing his homeland. Only Military dictatorship like Power by Default here, American people have no other support for the Racist Majority of Americans than my Armed Forces leadership to save them, in my dictatorship against illegal aliens blacks and other subversive alien communities in America, to remove the enemy.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2VZlnp2RGQg&feature=shareThus militias in my dictatorship by the Racist Vote, that don't vote, vote my revolution a blood bath. So the corrupted U.S. government just prints up 700 billion dollars for Military Power, if National Debt will be rubbed out in 2020. The rest of the world ganging up for World War. Or me in power I can politics for the people's racism to fulfill, so industry coordinate military power the West bury the rest.   

    This is about Nationalism, Nazi and Klan racism get it done

    Censored, cannot show the Nazi march off to WAR.


    Race war is the only way to get things right in America, with military power, White America against the other peoples. As bad as Japan invading Korea, executing them, and Germany killing the Jews at worse. Previously Apple iPad Incorporated hackers stamping out all my racist and radical paragraphs on their iPad tablet, when I used it to edit paragraphs on Go Daddy .com Japs were being Japs. North Korea can bomb Japan if they want to so the U.S. takes Japan puts the Buddhist half on Reservations like Native Japan lives on and withdraw American interests out of South Korea for North Korea to take over if they dismantle their nuclear weapons program to stay out of the World War, Communist Party and their ruling family could build a castle for themselves to become a constitutional monarchy with a Parliament House of Lords. Where the common people have a House of Commons with their own separate political parties like a Conservative Party and a Labor Party, or they can just kill all of the rich and finish up on the Communist Revolution and die in global reversal. 

    The nuclear powers all getting ready for war, so that if there is enough might to make the United States of America right in a US against THEM, kill them all!


    Which sounds like what happened on Mars in a war between worlds 2.5 billion years ago, that left everything on it covered with a thin layer of radio active nuclear fallout, so what life was on Mars after all the life on it was going to die ate-up all of the organic matter there, after that began hunting each other to eat! Where you can only find human skulls, smashed or blown-up buildings, and a dinosaur hip bone in a dried up mud bog looking like it couldn't get out where it died. Everyone else is bunker-ed in, still using an old subway interchange exposed, from all the bombing. But on Earth world war will not matter how far it goes, when the star Sirius going around the Sun shows up again in 2020, while the Sun and a red dwarf star heading straight at each other knocks out sunlight to need to have my kind of leadership on Earth for Americans to survive in a Democracy! When I am better off saving all of this to break on through the barrier of realty again with everything I can, to learn how to fly! Since you could get younger if physics is Alpha to Omega. To get in again with the future, a dictator when it is possible, or now for me to be dictator, the people saved besides Military.

    Universe set in motion 4.5 billion years ago with “Planet X“, that the Sun when it popped-up shot out to where it popped up in the Universe as popped up every round world hollow an ocean full of life inside, with methane gas over ocean. So the superior race decided why not make the hollows safe places to live in, from the hostile vacuum of space. Settlers from Earth also in the moon of Mars, now working in Earth’s moon, have returned from Sirius B's blue planet, sent a space city to Mercury if not on February 19, 2007, the day the Sun‘s magnetic core turned upside down while it passed behind it. Sirius A knocked planet from Sun to Sirius B, destroyed  planet sharing atmosphere with Mars, hit Earth with Moon, destroyed Mercury down to core ran Venus core into it erupting lava all over it. Sirius A & B are back, up too close in 2020. Two stars crossing paths up close.

    From Eden 4.5 billion years ago the first Earth humans prepare a refuge for themselves inside the Moon, marked with a “v” of 5 lights on the back side of the Moon, astronauts cannot afford to go back, where there will be conflict. I heard told me while I was thinking about the transporter window there on the back side of the Moon “We are not your friends”, out of a crowd of people in the background, means the superior race at Mercury will not help Earth, ismplies defend yourself!  My racist dictatorship America's only chance to survive.

    Within U.S. borders Americans for our own good against our enemies, to have peace and harmony for patriotism like 1950's and earlier we do not need equal rights women with a vote, alien peoples in our schools jobs & community to have to bomb Capitol Hill. Military bomb anywhere around it my racist call up to arms.

    Close the deal, will be a Military choice.


    The only thing that matters now for my  readers is that U.S. Military knows where I am at, if anyone wants to reach me to put me into power during the U.S. Debt Default. While the U.S. Military helicopters that came by tree top over my camp seemed to be reassuring me, helping me get this right. While a people hid behind a force field until a solar flare got ions all over it exposed it. Lob nukes at them putting a transporter station on the back side of the Moon trafficking with a transportation window know that every moon in the whole Universe is hollow, have 2 v-formations of lights entrances to the moon of Mars. The same people now working in the Moon with one same v-shaped entrance of 5 lights, could be in the hollow of Mercury preparing for the red dwarf star and a Sirius disaster in 2020, rising a white dwarf star revealing a bright blue planet. The world is in for trouble, with no other leadership for the people other than put Military power me into power, if they want to live through it all. 

    Ready for my own escape, or there is no other choice than settle for immortality, from one of my set of hills. While after 2 stars have crossed paths over Australia in 2013 Planet X has to be setting from southern hemisphere. Secretly the rich plot escape to Mars distract the people with media and their politician's paid-off legislation, entertainment and amazing products to profit from, in their Big Business New World Order rule of corruption, if not deleted by military takeover for my rule!

    Meanwhile there is some question as to how old is the Universe, that is 4.5 billion years old. Except for various older objects. But if the older objects are examined from older to the oldest science should be able to determine how often Universe expands, until it reaches Eternity’s matter Charge of Gravity to short-out the Universe and fall back to points in a small ball at its center. That pop-out to their places where they pop-up in a new Universe. But right now Americans have to do without the Constitution and finish winning the West! Where if some religion comes up to you to mess with your mind about their religion, all of those religion‘s people are satanic, that only use their scriptures to intimidate or threaten others to believe the same and going to Hell like them, damned to die. Don't belong to a fraternity don't have a car what they have. Others of them that only mind their own business are at peace for a while, that does not work that way sooner or later because of differences. Racist dictatorships from Nazi to the corporate leftist dictatorship against nations. Discrimination solves everything in Revolution!

    America got a Revolution, that once it won authority went right to business with corruption in a government to tax anything politicians feel like, working for private enterprises and getting rich. That always becomes a burden on the public, like in communist countries, at shopping, under political rule and a free market system. Thus a big politically motivated push for an increase in voter turnout with the President and all the political parties in the 2018 Mid-Term Elections. Politicians and the leftist media could only get 49% of the Eligible to vote voters to show-up and vote for the increases in cost of living, "Business as usual" in a integration with aliens fueling business with more customers. Where only in Power by Default by my Military Command Default vote Majority may I change politic's false reasoning, to correct in Martial Law with U.S. Armed Forces! 

    One race to another can offer good diplomacy with good intentions to another. But they are all dealing with their enemies you don't want to invite into your Constitution. Unless you want slaves and racists with the guns. Where most every people are our enemies we don't need equal rights. And just build up for the big WAR, any way the cards fall. Making our ICBM Bombs faster and faster. 

    Germany had the right idea, chopping some college heads off in their military takeover. Japan already had a racist military dictatorship killing their enemies took over other countries, until they both lost World War TWO. Japan needing to pay more for their part. Russia made Germany pay in full for going too far, in this life where all the peoples hate each other borders and walls. 

    In the last polar reversal Noah survived in a Ark swept east

    Everyone needs to be aware of what is going on with global warming and the star Sirius that keeps coming back around the Sun here dumped Atlantic Ocean beach sand all the way to India, dunes. You can see the reversal took out Atlantis. So Americans by military power have to take out U.S. governments for a Third U.S. Government to build big ships to survive polar reversal, like washed Atlantis away down to bedrock, the backwash from tsunami is on an upward angle from direction Earth was spinning.

    Right purge Left infiltrators in Debt Default Martial Law!

    Without CEO’s and Business running the politicians it would be easier to send in the Hell's Angels or Militias to get things back to White for American citizens, to be in control of all the Markets at home, militia shoot the boss and chain of command. Soldiers in a bloody Revolution take all the gold and a card for everything in my Martial Law, an American nationalized infrastructure my economy with all the jobs, finger tap works. Leadership all fit into a real democracy without taxation for service everything publicly owned. Nationalism incentives train us. Enlist for duty to citizens God and country social order, maybe even see God save your skin.

    Military helicopters, Police copters keep watch over my camp

    Even a small group of Americans like KKK can wield technology, align the Right, in my Military Coup

    The police help some in the world, a lesser and lesser safe place to live in, or afford to live in, the older you get. I don't need a time machine to vanish with bag on in gravity charge to the future? Escape from all the expanding, do it over already built into nature alone on a morning hike vanish on a winter hike with my revolutionary plans  wasted if not going to do White America any good in 21st century for the public the racist popular solution leerharrison.com fight Debt Default Business!

    The Third Party, Power By Default or Military Coup

    7127 Hollister Ave Suite 25A-202, Goleta, California 93117, United States

    Here in the USA the authorities are in control, but they are against the racist Majority, that are not voting. So I got a world view and leadership for U.S. Military to do as I say on-the Debt Default government shutdown for my Martial Law formula.

    Anyone can get in touch, leerharrison146@gmail.com


    The 2018 Kentucky Derby, having to use the secret key.

    This would be an easy sell in the 17th century. To pack them in to see this. Something those times  can relate to, in motion picture. Proving I am from the Twenty-first century, if God is a time machine after 4 visits to it, just checking. With question to intone, or demand to make, if it is a time machine, for a genii, not to wait around for anymore future, than to enjoy this one more year of it until national debt default a vote for my dictatorship leadership to beat the odds.

    These among 13 Triple Crown Champions, so far

    How would these match up with anything going in the 17th century? I will have a big box office Race Day, showing this.

    All The Best Times, in horse racing

    I guess I can bet money from the future, betting I have better horses than they ever had, that you can't counterfeit.

    Political Science

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    Dictatorship, communication is impossible, everyone is always talking. So I got this text right meanwhile. If anyone waits too long are deleted in Universe expanding. Everyone else believing they have to die and go to hell sacrifice for their scriptures in a contradictory lie don’t know any better, are like snakes strike from Hell mislead them, need a dictator like me who kills you or saves you, Business a conspiracy against the races.

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    This is a big sale world, business over racist nationalism, for a profit, where you could die trying to get to Mars to go to Hell there. Unless the Wall Street establishment making Debt Default die in my purge. Military not excited about the future?  Take your ordnance and follow orders, with no way out of this life unless you kill the enemy, desperation inflation, Heil Hitler and Mussolini in my racist solution. Put establishment out to 2020 hell.

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    In the world where everything has to eat each other to live I could grow hemp for an Early American cash crop fiber, with the seeds to make people in pain forget about their pain, and study my organic chemistry to make antibiotics. I am done with creative writing, difficult, no one paying me to write, only do it for God and country. Next back to messing with fabric of reality, have a drink to Majority Rule, the future! Is the U.S. Military able to back us?

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    My deal is for the racist, patriotic White American citizens, the Right, while I am in shape to with my key an option, the world a place where people waste their time in Islam worshiping in the most tedious ways to approach wave length and band width that does not care. The world collapsing at both ends of the Earth expanding. Suddenly I could be a Commander in Chief with 50 State militia and police, to save all of us Americans from corporations and their Frankenstein social goals.

    This machine works for me on Windows, Mac censors it.


    While the Right will have to have me in power, for U.S. Military on a murder rampage. My Shop to add a product at an earlier date, for my eliminating some people that will be pointed out. Here a Revolution Coup at anytime. Bomb Capitol Hill to begin getting rid of the enemy. In my bag modern guns to long before my 21st century dictatorship, while representing racist America against all odds possible thru military coup!

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    My leadership here working for an economy in work cooperatives, at Business Publicly Owned, safe where you can run Windows old systems of the most frequently desired. Locked and loaded every citizen benefits. I will have to make a living showing the future to the past, while most Whites now only die without representation, or go on some murder rampage. Where all of the religions are divided into factions that disagree with each other. Islam has one God and the Jews perceive the other, for secret societies, with their “secret” God.

    Foo Fighters - Learn to Fly

    With me in Power by Default would work for right U.S. Military, every contractor on their side or dead, for the weapons needed most a instant first strike. I could defend it powered with mercury. You fly in the positive pole of gravity or stored in a sack, there will be no Election 2020. Trump as dictator can be ruthless in dumping establishment to sharks with military power for a whole new government! Ever since East India Company Business oppresses the buyer conspiracies: Nationalize Business!