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Not allowed to show the Nazi’s off to WAR.

I could never like them while I was raised by them at home. But everyone could accept Axis reasoning, since humanity always hates other peoples, especially if they are moving into their communities and taking over Business and everything, if not overthrown and destroyed, unless otherwise escape for their lives from other countries, as aliens.

A superior race with a communications station on the back side of the Moon from a blue planet that rises in 2020 behind a white dwarf star is what I mean by ”asuperiorrace.com”, here. With a blue planet always facing the star Sirius A the magnetic core of the Sun’s Twin. “Planet X“ that the Sun shot out to where it popped up in the Universe from, with every round world hollow an ocean full of life inside and methane gas over their oceans originally. A race superior when it is the same, decided why not make the hollows safe places to live in, from the hostile vacuum of space a race from the Earth in the Moon of Mars now working in the Earth’s moon, returned from Sirius B blue planet, who sent their space city UFO to Mercury February 19, 2007, the day the Sun‘s magnetic core turned upside down. Sirius A knocked a planet from the sun to Sirius B, destroyed a planet at Mars & hit Earth with a Moon, destroying Mercury down to its core and ran Venus core into crust erupted lava all over it.

"Anunnaki" UFO city beside Mercury? Waiting for life on Earth to be wiped out in 2020, before sunlight gets knocked-out by a red dwarf star out of the south. Unless Sirius turns the world upside down in May 2020 first. Communications on back side of the Moon is why astronauts will not go back, they do not want us there. While I heard tell me while I was thinking about the transporter window on the back side of the Moon “We are not your friends”, out of a group of people in the background, means the superior race at Mercury will not help Earth. Defend yourself!

Close the deal, that is a Military choice.

I don’t like the Nazi march so much. U.S. Military has a good enough march for me. While Spain’s Franco Italy’s Mussolini and Nazi Germany except for Nazi music were a great trio for social change, if kept in their own countries, unless it were made inviting to other people’s to elect or through a Military Coup get, if they cannot elect it into power a dictator! 

Here in the future the world has a problem of differences, invading and/or immigration, for deporting or killing their enemies, in a racist rage wars of history 4 billions of years to now, millions of years to build a structure big as a planet at Mercury, hiding behind a force field until a solar flare got ions all over it exposed it,  have a transporting station on back side of the Moon a transportation window, knowing every moon in the Universe is hollow. Two V-formation of lights entrances to the moon of Mars the same people now living in the Moon and Mercury preparing for a red dwarf star and Sirius rising with a white dwarf star's bright blue planet the world is in for trouble. And no leadership for the people other than Military power me, if they want to live through it all. Making my own escape, maybe with no choice but to settle for immortality.

While 2 dwarf stars have crossed paths, over Australia, in 2013. Planet X returns to northern hemisphere, while the rich plot their escape to Mars distract the people. With media, entertainment and amazing products to profit from. Big Business New World Order rule/if not deleted in My rule!

About Us

Only U.S. Military Martial Law can take out leftists in a Military Coup through Revolution so the people destroy the left so the right gets a representative democracy for the people to vote on, in the majority.

Working here for a better tomorrow at mrinbetween.com I have documented my Third U.S. government. For White America to run it themselves I scrap the present political system, deleting those in charge in tribunals. With our choices. The Right, in my Third U.S. government a pure democracy. Only Military power can make possible America's survival.

Let into America any alien people’s into White American civilization?  Bombs away, Latin and Asian and Colored, or from India, Islamic and foreign to White America, that are a threat to the security of White America and our way of life. White Americans purge out of American schools, U.S. armed forces jobs community, the aliens. Search & destroy and deport the resentful enemies of White America in cans, or in chains out of the concentration camps. 

In this world where all of the peoples hate each other, I am all for Genocide. In a World population 1950 1 billion to 8 billion, enemies.

Community Guidance

Patriotic Americans in my Government take every educational housing and healthcare wealth of the authorities over their dead bodies, confiscated, start over with an all White American population common people schooled in religious morals, civic duty for all citizens. While our enemies keep destroyed canned or deported, anywhere available.

The only reason why Germany and Japan consider the Nazi Death March as sensitive, banned WWII material, is because they lost it. The USA winning it on all of the military fronts 

with their guts, and fried Japan in fire. Where all the evil in the world is God Negative. Only just another fucker making the Universe over and over again. I might as well be a dictator if it is available to rule the world, by some poll of the people’s, to deal with the people watching us all from the back side of the Moon in UFO probes. So everyone that can get our ass off this planet if whole better do it! Rat race, so everyone else has to go to Hell to dream forever to sack in black, drained of substance, to a heaven or to a hell happy hunting ground!


Intelligence, Military Coup, soldiers Reservists and ex-soldiers. Just round up all able bodied White Americans, militias, in 50 state militias under U.S. Military orders, derived from my leadership in Revolution. Meanwhile, wives care for the children Military runs the media.

Russia has no ideology but power and greed, like all the other capitalistic rest of the world, since dropping Marxism. So how about world Nazi ism, at fixing the Earth’s socio-economic and planetary ills and racial problems, to get rid of the enemies of American people in USA.

But liberal political mother fuckers built back up Germany and Japan again as our enemies and competitors. What would Genghis Kahn have to say about that! American people won 2 wars should kill their do good politicians and liberals in my Third U.S. government in Martial Law rule, when if you have the might it is right.

Right purge Left infiltrators in Debt Default, Martial Law.

Without CEO’s and Business running the politicians it would be easier to send in the Hells Angels or Militias to get things back to White for American people, to be in control of all the Markets at home. Shoot the boss and chain of command in bloody Revolution for the gold, and a card for everything else. American Company nationalized the economy jobs and leadership all fit into a real democracy with no taxation, only duty to citizens and country.

Military helicopters and Police copters watch over my camp.

Even a small group of Americans like KKK can whield technology to align the Right in a Military Coup

The police help some in the world a lesser and lesser a safe place to live in, or afford to live in, the older you get. I don't need a time machine to vanish with bag on in a gravity charge, to the future? Escape from the expanding is already built into nature. I will just take a cab for a morning hike to vanish before its a 100 degrees, my revolutionary plans waisted if not going to do White America any good in 21st century, my racial solution, on leerharrison.com, fight Debt Default, Business.

The Third Party, Power By Default or Military Coup

Lee Harrison, 7127 Hollister Ave., Suite 25A-202 Goleta, California 93117

(805) 280-1285 Text Only

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The 2018 Kentucky Derby

This would be an easy sell in the 17th century. To pack them in to see this even! Something they can relate to, motion picture. Proving it is from the Twenty-first century if God is a time machine, after 4 visits to it already. Question to intone or demand to make, if it is a time machine and a genii to not wait around for anymore future than to enjoy this one more summer of it until the national debt default vote for my dictatorship.

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To communicate is impossible, because by the time I get to make any comment everything I say is deleted. So everyone automatically has to die and go to Hell. I don’t know any better. So with the machines everybody has to go to Hell, where  you need a dictator who kills you or saves you. This is the the future.

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This is a big sale where you have to die, unless you get a shit load of gold, over somebodies dead body. Be sure to announce it so everybody knows you are going to die, to gets excited about it, if you enlist take your or ordnance, with no way out of this life unless you kill the enemy. Heil Hitler!

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I could be growing hemp, for an Early American cash crop, from growing fiber, since I have the seeds to make people in pain forget about their pains. When I don’t need to write anymore creative writing. Since nobody is paying me anything to write it.

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The only deal I have is for a few good people to show the way to immortality, if they don’t want anything to do in life but see the light. You could join Islam for the most tedious way to approach it. Or you could do it simply, in a few steps. But I don’t have time for anyone else. Unless I am Commander in Chief.

I am forced to kill everybody. This machine don’t work for me to reason.

Have you opened a new location: I have my guns loaded. My shop is redesigned, to add a product. I have to eliminate some people. I will have to keep it all, to myself. 

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I will have to get some in-put on this. Customers have questions I have the answers for: The most frequently asked questions, what are they? Does anybody benefit?